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CB Slang Dictionary: "B"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
B Town Birmingham, Alabama
Baboon Butt Kenworth T2000 more...
Baby Bear Rookie police officer
Back Over or "back to you"
Back At Ya Over or "back to you"
Back Door Vehicle behind you more...
Back 'em On Down Slow down
Back 'em Up Slow down
Back It Down Slow down
Back Off the Hammer Slow down
Back Out of It Downshift
Back Row Parking spots furthest away at a truck stop more...
Back To You Please answer back
Backdoor Shut The rear is being watched by police more...
Backslide Return trip
Backstroke Return trip
Backyard The stretch of road behind a vehicle
Bad Scene Over-crowded channel more...
Badger Bound On your way to Wisconsin
Bagging 'em Police are pulling over speeders
Ballet Dancer Swaying antenna
Balloon Freight Partial or light load
Balloon Tires Radial truck tires
Baloneys Truck tires
Bambi Deer
Band-aid Buggy Ambulance
The Band Is Open You may experience skip
Bang a U-ey Make a u-turn
Bar City Forest City, Arkansas
Barefoot Legal, unmodified CB transmitter more...
Barley Pop Beer
The Barn Garage or parking lot
Base Station CB at a stationary location
Basement Channel 1
Battery Acid Coffee
Bay City San Francisco, California
Be-bop Radio control signals
Beam Directional antenna
Bean Store Restaurant or coffee shop
Bean Town Boston, Massachusetts
Bean Wagon Coffee wagon
Bear Police officer more...
Bear Bait Speeding automobile
Bear Bite Speeding ticket
Bear Cage Police station
Bear Cave Police station
Bear Den Police station
Bear Food Vehicle speeding without a CB
Bear In the Air Police helicopter more...
Bear In the Bushes Hidden police officer with radar
Bear In the Grass Hidden police officer with radar
Bear In the Sky Police helicopter
Bear Lair Police station
Bear Meat Vehicle speeding without a CB
Bear-mobile Police car
Bear Report Report on police locations more...
Bear Taking Pictures Police with radar
Bear Trap Parked police officer with radar
Bear With Ears Police officer monitoring the CB
Bearded Buddy Police officer
Bears Are Crawling Police aggresively patrolling highway
Beat the Bushes Driving ahead of others to lure out the police more...
Beaver Woman
Beaver Bait Money
Beaver Bear Female police officer
Beaver Fever Missing your girlfriend or wife
Beaver Hunt Looking for women
Beaver Palace Bar or nightclub
Beaver Patrol Looking for women
Bed Bug Hauler Moving company van
Bedbugger Moving company van
Beer Bust Party
Beer City Milwaukee, Wisconsin more...
Beetle Volkswagon
Being North Traveling north
Belly Up Vehicle flipped upside down
Bending the Needle Strong, clear radio signal
Bending the Windows Strong, clear radio signal
Benny Chaser Coffee
Better Cool It You should slow down
Better Half Spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend
Big 10-4 I completely agree
Big A Atlanta, Georgia more...
The Big Apple New York City, New York
Big Arch St. Louis, Missouri
Big Brother Police officer
Big Car 18-wheeler
Big Charlie The FCC
Big D Dallas, Texas
Big Daddy The FCC
Big Dig Greyhound bus
Big Ears Strong, clear reception
Big Hole Top gear of transmission
Big L Lubbock, Texas
Big M Memphis, Tennessee
Big Mack Mack truck
Big Mama Very tall antenna, usually 9'
Big O Omaha, Nebraska
Big Orange Snyder truck
Big R Roadway Freight truck
Big Rig 18-wheeler
Big Road Interstate Highway
Big Slab Expressway or freeway
Big T Tucson, Arizona
Big Ten Four I completely agree
Big Truck 18-wheeler
Big Wheel The boss
The Bikini Florida
Bikini City Miami, Florida
Bikini State Florida
Billy Big Rigger Trucker with a big ego
Bird Nickname for Ford Thunderbird
Bird Dog Radar detector
Bird in the Air Police helicopter
Bit on the Britches Received a ticket
Black and White Police officer
Black and White Fever Slowing down at the site of police
Black Eye Burnt-out headlight
Black Ice Dangerous, invisible ice on the road
Black Water Coffee
Bleed-over Interference from a nearby channel
Bleeding Interference from a nearby channel
Blew My Doors Off Passed you at a high rate of speed
Blinkin' Winkin' School bus
Blocking the Channel Pressing the mic to prevent others from transmitting
Blood Box Ambulance
Blowing Smoke Transmitting loudly
Blue Envelope Unmarked, blue police car
Blue-eyed Indian Navajo Frieght truck
Blue Grass State Kentucky
Blue Jeans State police officer
Blue Light Machine Police car
Blue Light Special Police car
Blue Slip Speeding ticket
Boast Toastie CB expert
Bobtail Truck driving without a trailer
Bobtailing A vehicle without a CB following one with a CB
Bodacious Strong, clear signal
Bone Box Ambulance
Bone Yard Cemetery
Boob Tube Television
Boogie Top gear of your truck
Boogie Man State police officer
Boom Jockey Truck driver carrying dangerous cargo
Boom Wagon Truck carrying dangerous cargo
Boondocking Driving on back roads to avoid weigh stations
Bootlegging Using illegal CB equipment
Boots Linear amplifier more...
Both Feet On the Floor Traveling at full speed
Bottle Popper Truck carrying beverages
Boulevard Interstate highway
Bounce Around Return leg of a trip
Bouncing Card Driver's license
Boundaround Return leg of a trip
Box Tractor trailer
Boy Scouts State police
BR Town Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Brake Check Slow or stopped traffic ahead
Bread Money
Break Request to use the channel more...
Breaker Request to use a channel more...
Breaker-breaker Request to use a channel
Breaker Broke Request to use a channel
Breaking the Needle Strong, clear signal
Breaking Up Signal fading in and out
Breaking Wind Driving the lead truck in a convoy
Breeze It Forget about it
Brew Beer
Bright-eyed Vehicle with lights on
Bright Lights Kansas City, Missouri
Bring It Back Please answer back
Bring It In Please move into the right lane more...
Bring It On Please answer back
Bring It Up Come closer
Brown Bottle Beer
Brown Envelope Unmarked, brown police car
Brown Paper Bag Unmarked, brown police car
Brush Your Teeth and Comb Your Hair Slow down and watch for radar trap ahead
BTO Big Time Operator
Bubble City Champaign, Illinois
Bubble Gum Machine Light on top of police car more...
Bubble Machine Police car lights
Bubble Trouble Problem with your tire
Buck Rogers Machine Handheld police radar gun
Bucket Mouth Loud, obnoxious, or vulgar
Bucket of Bolts 18-wheeler
Buckeye State Ohio
Buddy Fellow CB'er
Buffalo A man more...
Bugging Out Leaving a channel
Bull City Durham, North Carolina
Bull Jockey CB'er who talks too much
Bull Wagon Livestock truck more...
Bulldog Mack truck more...
Bullet Lane Passing lane
Bullfrog ABF truck
Bumper Jumper Vehicle that is tailgating
Bumper Lane Passing lane
Bumper Sticker Vehicle that is tailgating more...
Bundled Out Loaded to maximum capacity
Bushel One bushel equals 1/2 ton load
Buster Brown UPS truck
Button Pusher Troublemaker more...
Buying Up an Orchard Involved in an accident
By Standing by on a CB channel

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