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CB Slang Dictionary: "P"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
PA Public Address
Pack It In Finish this transmission more...
Padiddle Car with one broken headlight
Pair of Nickels 55mph more...
Pair of Sevens No answer
Panic In the Streets FCC is monitoring the area
Papa Bear Police officer with a CB
Paper Hanger Police officer handing out tickets
Paperwork Speeding ticket
Parking Lot Traffic jam more...
Part 15 FCC rules regarding illegal use of transceiver
Part 95 FCC rules for CB operation
Part Your Hair Slow down and drive smart
Pass the Numbers Best wishes
Patch City or town
Pavement Princess Working girl
Pay Hole Highest gear
Pay the Water Bill Use the restroom
Pay Wagon Armored car
Peak Power Maximum wattage of a CB
Peaked Up Volume turned up
Peanut Butter In Your Ears You're not listening or CB is off
Pedal Down Accelerate
Pedal Down Slow Decelerate
Pedal To the Metal Driving at top speed
Pedaling Along Coasting
Pedaling In the Middle Driving in the center lane
Peel Your Eyeballs Be on the lookout
Peeling Off Getting off the highway
Peeping In Monitoring a channel
The Peg Winnipeg, Manitoba
PEP Peak Envelope Power
Pete Peterbilt truck more...
Peter Rabbit Police officer
Petro Fuel
Petro Refinery Truck carrying fuel or oil
PF Flyers Truck wheels
Philly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phone Patch Device that connects a CB to a telephone
Photographer Police officer with radar
Pick 'em Up Pickup truck
Picking P's Police with radar
Pickle Park Rest area known for working girls
Picture-taker Radar gun more...
Piece of Paper Speeding ticket
Pig Police
Pig Panic Slowing down for fear of police
Pig Pen Highway weigh station
Pigeon Vehicle caught speeding
Pigeon Plucker Police officer giving out a ticket
Piggy Bank Toll booth
Pigtail Electrical connection from the cab to the trailer
Pills Power transistors in a linear amplifier
Pimple Old-school police car light
Pink Card Warning ticket more...
Pink Panther Unmarked police car
Pinning the Needle Strong CB signal
Pipe Line Specific, pre-arranged channel
Pit Stop Gas or restroom stop
Plain Wrapper Unmarked police car more...
Play Dead Stand by
Play Town Washington, D.C.
PLL Phase Lock Loop
Polack School Bus Cattle truck
Polar Bear State police officer
Polaroid Radar unit
Pole Cat Police car
Pony Express Mail truck
Poor Boy Peterbilt tractor
Popcorn Hail
Popeye Vehicle with ony one headlight
Porcupine Vehicle with several antennas
Porky Bear Police officer
Portable Barnyard Truck carrying livestock more...
Portable Chicken Coop Truck carrying poultry
Portable Floor Flatbed truck
Portable Gas Station Truck carrying fuel more...
Portable Parking Lot Car hauler
Portable Roadblock McLean truck
Portable Shanty Shaker Truck carrying a modular house
Portrait Painter Radar gun
Positive Yes
Posse Police
Post Highway mile marker
Post Holes Empty truck load
Potty Mouth Someone using profanity
Pound Meter S-meter
Poundage S-meter reading more...
Pounding the Pavement Walking along the road
Power Up Drive faster
Preesheaydit Thank you
Pregnant Roller Skate Volkswagen Beetle
Prescription FCC rules
Press the Sheets Go to sleep
Prime Time Quality time with wife or girlfriend
Professional Trucker
Professional Beaver Working girl
Ptomaine Palace Dirty restaurant
PTT Switch Push-to-talk switch
Pull In For a Short, Short Restroom stop
Pull the Big Switch Turn off CB radio more...
Pull the Hammer Back Slow down
Pull the Plug Turn off CB radio
Pulling Them Down Pulling over speeders
Pumpkin Flat tire more...
Pushing a Rig Driving a truck more...
Pusholine Fuel
Pushwater Fuel
Put an Eyeball To To look at something
Put the Good Numbers On You Best wishes
Put the Hammer Down Accelerate to full speed
Put the Pedal To the Floor Accelerate to full speed
Put the Pedal To the Metal Accelerate to full speed
Put Your Foot Down Accelerate to full speed
Put Your Shoes On Turn your amplifier on
Putting It To the Floor Accelerating to full speed

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