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CB Slang Dictionary: "C"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
Cactus Juice Liquor
Cactus Patch Phoenix, Arizona more...
Call Sign Your FCC assigned letters and numbers
Calling Asking for a specific CB'er
Camera Police radar
Cancer Sticks Cigarettes
Candy Man The FCC
Capital City Raleigh, North Carolina
Capital J Jackson, Mississippi
Casa House
Cash Register Toll booth more...
Catch Car Police car chasing speeders
Catch You On the Flip-flop Talk to you on the return trip
CB Babies Innapropriate CB'ers
CB Land The collective network of CB'ers
CB Town Council Bluffs, Iowa
Cell Block CB base station
Center Grove Grass highway median
Channel 25 The telephone
Channel Hogger CB'er who talks too much
Charlie The FCC
Chase Car Police car that chases speeding vehicles more...
Check My Eyelids I'm getting tired
Check the Seat Covers Look at passengers in a passing car more...
Cheese Wagon School bus
Chew-n-choke Restaurant
Chi Town Chicago, Illinois
Chicken Choker Truck carrying poultry
Chicken Coop Truck weigh station
Chicken Coup Is Clean Weigh station is closed
Chicken Inspector Weigh station inspector
Chicken Lights Excessive lights on your truck
Chili Switch San Antonio, Texas
Choo-Choo Town Chattanooga, Tennessee more...
Chopped Top Short, stubby antenna
Christmas Card Speeding ticket
Christmas Tree Excessive lights on your truck
Church On Wheels Church bus
Cigar City Tampa, Florida
Circle City Indianapolis, Indiana
Circus Wagon Monfort truck
The Cities Minneapolis and St.Paul, Minnesota
City Bear Local police
City Kitty Local police
Clean No police or obstructions ahead
Clean and Green No police or obstructions ahead
Clean as a Hound's Tooth No police or obstructions ahead
Clean Cat Unmodified rig
Clean Channel Channel with little activity
Clean Shot No police or obstructions ahead more...
Clear End of transmission
Clear After You Channel will be clear once you sign off
Clear Shot No police or obstructions ahead
Co-pilot Trucker's spouse
Coffee Bean Waiter or waitress
Coffee Shop Restaurant
Coke Stop Restroom break
Cold Coffee Beer
Cold Rig Truck with a refrigerated trailer
Collect Call Call for a particular CB'er
Colorado Kool-Aid Beer
Coloring Writing in your log book
Coloring Book Trucker's log book
Colors Going Up Police turning on his flashers
Come-a-part Engine Cummins engine
Come Again Please repeat last transmition
Come Back Please answer me back more...
Come On Please answer me back
Comedian Grass highway median
Comic Book Trucker's log book
Coming In Loud and Clear Clear, strong signal
Coming In Loud and Proud Clear, strong signal
Coming Out the Windows Clear, strong signal
Concentrator Truck driver
Concrete Blonde Working Girl
Concrete Jungle Expressway
Concrete Ribbon Expressway
Concrete Slab Expressway
Convac Conversation
Convict Wagon Bus transporting prison inmates
Convoy Group of trucks traveling together
Cookies Cigarettes
Cooking Driving at a high speed
Cooking Good Driving at a high speed
Copy Transmission received more...
Copying the Mail Monitoring CB conversations
Cornbinder International Harvester truck more...
Cornflaker Consolidated Freight truck
Cotton Mouth Thirsty
Country Cadillac Pickup truck
Country Joe Rural police officer
County Mounty County police or sheriff more...
Covered Drop Interfered with
Covered Up Transmission was mangled by interference
Covered Wagon Flatbed trailer with a covered load
Covering Ground Driving at a high speed
Cow Town Calgary, Alberta more...
Cowboy Cadillac Pickup truck
Cowboy City Cheyenne, Wyoming
CQ Open call for any contact
Crack 'em Up Accident
Crank the Mic Turn on the preamp
Crotch Rocket Sport motorcycle
Crotch Rocket Cowboy Reckless driver on a sport motorcycle
CRW Community Radio Watch
Cub Scouts Police officers
Cup of Mud Coffee
Cutting Loose Signing off
Cutting Some Z's Getting some sleep
Cutting the Coax Turning off your CB
CW Morse code more...

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