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CB Slang Dictionary: "S"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
S&H Green Stamp Speeding ticket
S-meter Meter on CB that measures signal strength more...
Sack of tomatoes Sacramento, California
Saddle A vehicle in the middle of a convoy
Safe Truckin' Have a safe trip
Sailboating Running low on fuel more...
Salt Mine Your place of work
Salt Shaker Highway department salt truck
Sandbagging Listening in on a channel
Sandbox Truck hauling dirt or stones
Sandwich Lane Middle lane of the highway
Savage CB'er who hogs the channel
Say What? Repeat message
Scab Ham radio operater's term for CB'er
Scale House Weigh station
Scanner A receiver that automatically finds channels in use
Scatterstick CB antenna
Schneider Eggs Orange construction barrels
School Twenty Location of nearest school
Scofflaw Someone who violates FCC rules
Scratchin' Driving at top speed
Scrub Brush Street cleaning truck
Seat Cover Passenger in a car more...
Sesame Street Channel 19 on the CB more...
Set of Dials CB unit
Set of Doubles Two semi trailers behind a truck
Set of Joints Two semi trailers behind a truck
Seventy-thirds Best wishes more...
Shake the Trees and Rake the Leaves Lead vehicle watching for police in front and rear vehicle watching in back
Shakin' It Driving fast
Shaking the Bushes First vehicle in a convoy looking for police more...
Shaking the Windows Signal is crystal clear
Shaky California
Shaky City Los Angeles, California
The Shaky Side California
Shaky Town San Fransisco, California
Shakyliner Freightliner tractor
Shanty Shaker Mobile home carrier
Shoes Linear amplifier more...
Shoot an Eyeball On To look at something
Shoot the Breeze Casual conversation
Shooting Skip Long distance CB transmission more...
Shopping Around Calling a specific CB'er
Short Break Quick break into a busy channel
Short-short Very soon
Shot In the Back Caught by radar gun from behind
Shotgun Police radar gun
Shout Calling another CB'er
Shoveling Coal Accelerating
Show-off Lane Passing lane
Shut It Down Slow down
Side Door Passing lane
Sidewinder CB'er talking on sideband
Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada more...
Sitting In the Saddle Traveling in the middle of a convoy
Six-pack Small delivery van or truck
Six-wheeler Small delivery van or truck
Skateboard Flatbed truck or trailer
Skates Tires
Skating Rink Slippery road
Skins Tires
Skip Long-distance radio signal more...
Skip Shooter CB'er using long-distance signal
Skipland Areas that can only be reached by long-distance signal
Skipper CB'er using long-distance signal
Sky Bear Police in a helicopter more...
Slammer Jail
Slaughter House Channel 11
Slave Drivers CB'ers who take control of a channel
Sleeper Creeper Working girl
Sleeper Leaper Working girl
Slider Variable frequency oscillator more...
Slip the Seat Change vehicles
Slippery Slide Icy road
Smile and Comb Your Hair Radar trap ahead, slow down more...
Smoke City Birmingham, Alabama
Smoke Detector Radar detector
Smoke 'em Out Lure out police by speeding slightly
Smoke Report Report on location of police more...
Smoke Screen Police radar gun
Smoke Signal Police radar gun
Smokey Bait Speeding vehicle
Smokey Bear State police officer
Smokey Beaver Female state police officer
Smokey Bullet State police car with radar gun
Smokey Convention Several police cars in an area
Smokey Dozing Parked police car
Smokey In the Bush Speed trap
Smokey on Four Legs Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Smokey On the Ground Police officer on foot
Smokey Scooter Police motorcycle
Smokey Taking Pictures Police with radar gun
Smokey with Ears Police with CB radio
Smokeys State police more...
Smokeys Thick High concentration of police in area
Smokin' the Brakes Over-using the brakes on a downgrade
Snafu A mistake
Snow Job A fib or exaggerated story
Socks Linear amplifier
Solid-state Electronic device that doesn't use tubes
Somebody Stepped On You Someone transmitted at the same time with a stronger signal
Someone Spilled Honey On the Road High concentration of police in area
Sonnet A CB'er who advertises products over the air
Sounding Choice Good reception
Souped-up Highly modfiied
Splashover Bleeding from a nearby channel
Splatter Bleeding from a nearby channel
Spliced Married
Sport City Shreveport, Louisiana
Spreading the Greens Giving out spedding tickets
Spud Town Boise, Idaho
Spy In the Sky Police helicopter
Squelch Mutes the radio until a strong signal comes in
SSB Single Side Band more...
Stack Them Eights Best wishes
Stagecoach Tour bus
Stamping Talking over another CB'er
Stand On It Drive faster
Standing By Waiting for a reply
Starving the Bears Driving the speed limit
State Bear State police trooper
Steak On the Grill To hit an animal
Steel City Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania more...
Stepped-on Interupted by someone else on the channel more...
Stepping On Smokeys Breaking the law
Stinger Antenna
Stopping For Groceries Stopping to eat
Straight Shot Road is clear of police or obstructions
Streaking Driving fast
Stroller CB'er with a portable walkie-talkie
Stupin' Not serious
Suds Beer
Suds and Mud Beer and coffee more...
Sugar Town Shreveport, Louisiana
Suicide Cargo Dangerous load
Suicide Jockey Driver traveling with dangerous cargo
Sunbeam A cheery CB'er
Super Chickens Yellow Freight System trucks
Super Skate Sports car
Super Slab Multi-lane highway
Super Trooper Police car with several antennas
Superdome City New Orleans, Louisiana
Suppository Negative
The Swamp Montreal, Quebec
Swar SWR Meter
Sweeping the Leaves Watching for police in rear of convoy
Sweet Thing Female CB'er more...
Swindle Sheets Trucker's log book
Swiss Cheese Wagon A school or church bus painted white
SWR Standing Wave Ratio

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