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CB Slang Dictionary: "D"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
Daddy-O The FCC
Dago San Diego, California
Darktime Night
Db Decibel
Dead Key Transmitting without talking more...
Dead Pedal Very slow car or truck
Deadhead Truck with an empty trailer
Deadheading Pulling an empty trailer
Decoy Empty, parked police car
Derby City Louisville, Kentucky
Destruction Road construction
Detroit Vibrator Chevy truck
Diarrhea Mouth Excessive talker
Dice City Las Vegas, Nevada
Diesel Car 18-wheeler
Diesel Cop Department of Transportation inspector
Diesel Digit Channel 15
Diesel Juice Fuel
Dig You Out To understand
Dime Channel Channel 10
The Dirty Cleveland, Ohio
Dirty City New York City, New York
Dirty Floor Unpaved parking lot
Dirty Side Eastern US coast more...
Disco Lights Police flashing lights
Divorce City Las Vegas, Nevada
Dixie Cup Operator with a southern accent more...
Do It To It You can go full speed
Do What? Please repeat last transmition
Do You Copy? Do you understand me?
Doing a Flip-flop Highway police switching direction
Doing It To the Left Going full speed in the passing lane
Doing the Five-five Driving 55mph
The Dome Houston, Texas
Don't Feed the Bears Don't get a ticket
Don't Tense Calm down
DOT Department of Transportation
DOT Bear Department of Transportation inspector
DOT Man Weigh station inspector
Double Bottom Rig Truck pulling two trailers
Double Buffalo 55 miles per hour more...
Double E Did you see anything?
Double Eighty-eights Love and kisses
Double Key Two CB'ers transmitting at same time
Double L Landline (telephone call)
Double Nickel Highway Interstate 55
Double Nickels 55 miles per hour
Double Seven No answer
Doubled Up Two CB'ers transmitting at same time
Doubles Truck pulling two trailers
Doughnut Round-a-bout more...
Down Signing off
Down and Gone Turning off CB and signing off
Down and On the Side Signing off but still listening
Down 'n Gone Signing off
Down 'n Out Signing off
Down One Switch to the next lowest channel
Downed Stuck
Dozing Parked
Draggin' Wagon Tow truck more...
Dragging Out Receiving a transmission
Dragging Your Feet Scanning channels
Dragonfly An underpowered truck
Drawing Lines Writing in your log book
Dream Weaver Weaving driver - sleepy or impaired
Dress For Sale Working girl
Driver CB'er with unknown handle
Driving Award Speeding ticket
Driving the Key Maintaining the speed limit
Drop the Carrier Pressing your mic to prevent others from talking
Drop the Hammer Accelerate as fast as you can
Dropped Off the Shoulder Drove off the road
Dropping Out Signal fading in and out
Dry Box Truck hauling dry products
Dry Carrier CB'er who presses the mic but does not speak
Duck Plucker Substitution for obscenity
Dudley Do-Right Highway police officer
Dummy Unmanned decoy police car
Dusting Your Britches Passing you at a high rate of speed
Dusting Your Ears Interrupting your transmission
DX Long distance transmission

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