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CB Slang Dictionary: "N"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
Nail It down Pinpoint or recollect
Nap Trap Motel
Nastyville Nashville, Tennessee
Nature Stop Restroom break
Negatine No
Negative No
Negative Contact Unable to contact desired person
Negative Copy Didn't understand
Negator No
Negatory No
Neon Jockey Driver with too many lights on truck
The Nickel Buffalo, New York
Nightcrawlers Many police nearby
Nine-to-fiver Office worker
Niner Channel 9
Ninety Weight Hard liquor
Nix To refuse
No One Near, All Is Clear Open road ahead
Nodding Out Getting tired more...
Noise Blanker Electronic circuitry to reduce signal noise
Noise Limiter Electronic circuitry to reduce signal noise
Numbers Best wishes

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