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CB Slang Dictionary: "O"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
Oil Burner Smoking car or truck
Oil City Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oil Patch Truck hauling oil field equipment
Oil Slick Slippery patch of oil on the road
OK Term to sign off
OKC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Okie City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Old Kitty Whomper Truck
Old Lady Wife more...
Old Man Husband more...
On Due By Standing by
On Skip Weak signal
On Standby Monitoring a channel
On the By Listening in on a channel
On the Floor Driving at top speed
On the Floor and Looking For More Accelerating to full speed
On the Move Driving
On the Pay Driving the speed limit
On the Side Standing by and monitoring a channel more...
On Your Donkey Behind you
On Yours Term used at end a conversation more...
One-eyed Monster Television
One Hissing in the Grass Police car in the median
One Time Short, polite "break" into a conversation
Open Season Many police nearby
Opryland Nashville, Tennessee
Organ Donor Motorcycle rider without a helmet
Other Half Spouse
Out Finished with transmission more...
Outdoor TV Drive-in movie
Over and Out End of my transmission more...
Over-modulation Talking too close to the mic
Over Your Shoulder Behind you
OW Old woman

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