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CB Slang Dictionary: "E"
Even in the age of computers and cell phones, CB radios play a vital role for truckers and electronics fans, along with an entire language called CB slang (or CB talk). We've compiled the largest CB slang dictionary at cbslang.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you drive a truck for business, have a CB in your car or home, or just looking for a little entertainment!
Eager Beaver Anxious young woman
Ears CB radio
Ears On CB radio turned on
Earwigging Listening to someone else's conversation
Easy Chair Middle position in a convoy
Eat 'em Up Roadside diner more...
Eaten By a Bear Arrested by the police
Eight Miler Vehicle hogging the left lane
Eighteen-legged Pogo Stick 18-wheeler
Eighteen Wheeler Tractor trailer truck
Eights Best wishes more...
Eights and Other Good Numbers Best wishes
Eighty-eights Best wishes more...
Eighty-eights Around the House Best wishes to you and yours
Electric Teeth Police speed traps
Empire State New York
Equalizer Radar detector more...
ERP Effective Radiated Power
ERS Emergency Radio Service (Channel 9)
Evel Knievel Police officer on motorcycle more...
Everybody's Walking the Dog All channels are in use
Everything Is Slick The highway is clear
Expressway Boogie Long trip
Extra Money Ticket Speeding ticket
Eye In the Sky Police helicopter
Eyeball Face-to-face meeting with CB'er more...
Eyeballs Headlights

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